CAGF 2016 is in its 5th year of operations and once again we have introduced a series of new developments unlike any other cycling touring event in Western Australia.

We have in store THREE distances for the the 17th May namely:

  • Byfield Business Partners Piccolo Fondo – 40 km – Our community ride through the plains of Armadale.
  • FILA Medio Fondo – 80 km – As the name implies our Middle Distance ride which will have undulations and hill challenges as well as one KOM / QOM and one Sprint section for the competitive in nature.
  • Blackchrome Sportswear Gran Fondo – 100 km – Our signature event which made the name Heritage Drive synonymous with Hill Climbing for cyclists. For 2016 Heritage Drive and Wallangara South will once again become household names especially with two KOM / QOM.

Highlights for CAGF for all participants include:

  1. Taggisar ICE sticker for your bike and helmet – available when you collect your Rider Participant pack and should be affixed for the event.
  2. FILA sportswear – CAGF participant discount voucher which entitles you to 60% OFF the RETAIL price at their Watertown Store!
  3. Sports Nutrition Workshop for participants by our AIS trained sports nutritionists.
  4. $20 off Sports Massage sessions till the 20th May 2016 with our sports medicine staff
  5. $50 off for a Bike Ergonomics Assessment with the Bike Ergonomist – for participants up to the 30th May 2016

Read the attached posters also for the new program which includes EXTENSIONS to the FILA Medio Fondo 80 km and the Blackchrome Sportswear Gran 100 km if participants qualify within a certain time.

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