The CAGF Event Village is the focal point for the City of Armadale Grand Fondo and for the second year running it will be held at Jull St Mall which is itself the heart of Armadale.
We have created an opportunity for ALL cyclists to network with each other, meet and greet, visit their friends and find out what others are doing in the community of cycling.
We invited Bike Shops, Charity Group that run cycling events, social groups who are not affiliated to any club, bunch rides, affiliated clubs, associations and special interest groups pertaining to cycling to be and be part of the CAGF and if you can secure more than 20 riders themselves who register under your group or company – you are entitled to complimentary space at the Event Village

The Event Village time schedule is as follows:

  1. The Event Village opens: 530 am.
  2. Dome Armadale opens for breakfast: 530 am.
  3. Parking: remember that free parking until 12 noon then it is paid parking afterwards so please choose your location wisely.
  4. Event Commences:
    • Gran or CAGF 100 – 630 am to 644 am.
    • Medio or CAGF 80 – 645 am to 659 am.
    • Piccolo – 700 am to 715 am.
    • You MUST self-nominate a departure time specific to your nominated distance above as the safety timing chips will be activated as such. For example if you are doing the Medio you can choose to leave anytime between 645 am and 659 am but not before or after this time. Please organise your friends so that those riding together can leave at the same time.
  5. Sweep & Sag Wagon removal from course: 130 pm.
  6. Event Village closes: 2 pm.