Training Rides

The City of Armadale Grand Fondo encourages all participants to partake of the proper training leading up to this event.

Training with Your Own Group

Those who are involved with CAGF with their bike shops, social groups and charity ride groups should seek further assistance from those properly trained for the appropriate distances and technical skills required.

Cycling Training Programs

For those wishing to partake of specific training by the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group (PIHCG) who are well known as the first Aust Cycle Training School in Western Australia and also for their comprehensive cycling training programs please write to the PIHCG Admin Officer at:

PIHCG Bunch Ride Program

Those who wish to undertake our Training Bunch Rides – the required PIHCG Bunch Ride rules and regulations are also appended here together with the Bunch Ride Indemnity Form. All riders who decide to partake of our safety conscious and group based bunch ride programs, of which there are many per week should carefully read these terms and conditions. Once you feel that you are able to satisfy these requirements and ride with us, please submit the completed Indemnity Form with the following information to the Director Sportif PIHCG at: You will be contacted and from there the Bunch Ride that suits your specific needs will be recommended to you. Note also that we have progressive Bunch Ride which you are able to build your skill set, endurance and capabilities over time.

Individualised Training Programs

The organisers of the City of Armadale Grand Fondo are also qualified Level 1 road cycling coaches and many of us are also clinically qualified and directly associated with the provision of advice and treatment of physiological and biomechanical based conditions arising from cycling.

In short – we play emphasis on the importance of Preparation for any event or ride and to that extent we recognise that many cyclists from novice to serious recreational and even state based cyclists are often time poor with their work, family and social commitments.

To that extent we have a specific individualised training program option available for Cyclists on a consultancy basis – entitled the Mesocycle Training Program. This training program is afforded by PIHCG Level 1 Cycling Coaches and is directly linked to Heart Rate Thresholds with appropriate clinical testing. To read more about this program and how to partake of the Mesocycle Training Program please click HERE for the PDF document:

Download Mesocycle Training Program (PDF)

Special Interest Articles

This section draws upon the wealth of information that we already prove to the cycling community pertaining to preparations leading to a Ride. This advice provided is without prejudice and once again we advise that it has been written in general and it is up to each individual rider to seek the appropriate professional and clinical advice for their specific needs if they are in doubt.

The Special Interest Articles should also draw the attention of the reader to the importance of Cross Training especially when planning to do any longer distance rides of 70 km and beyond. To that extent an active watch and check of our City of Armadale Grand Fondo Facebook page will provide you with ongoing courses and programs which pertain to cross training, fitness and workshops.

For now enjoy the articles we have provided here:

  1. Bike Ergonomics Assessment
  2. Nutrition & Hydration for CAGF
  3. Heart Rate Maximum Calculations & General Guide
  4. Hill Climbing for Busy People
  5. Preparations for the Bike – CAGF
  6. Why Are There So Many Fat Cyclists?
  7. Is Your Jersey Working For You?
  8. Reasons to Train with Heart Rate Thresholds – by Ian Wee
  9. Interval Training the PIHCG Way – Nov 2013