During The Event

To decrease your own personal risk and also acknowledgement of the event and the associated sport, every participant of CAGF would have signed a disclaimer notifying them that cycling is regarded as a sport with high risk and that all actions taken by you as the participant are therefore solely yours and with that the responsibility.

It is also prudent to note that since we ride not singularly but in a community of cyclists, and as CAGF is a community based event – that due consideration must be given for other riders and other road users.

Please read the following points which pertains to your Safety During The Event as compliance is required. Participants who fail to heed these safety requirements may be removed from the course and barred from further participation:

  1. The CAGF – 40 km, 80km and 100 km distance is NOT as race. There is therefore no racing and you will not be timed for your individual duration or speed as the focus is on endurance and experience of completion.
  2. Individuals are invited to participate in this event but you MUST ride with a buddy cyclist for safety and security reasons whilst on the road.
  3. On the course each Grand Fondo cyclist must ride with a buddy cyclist or in a group of no more than 5 riders.
  4. All riders are required to bring along their mobile phone with them for this Event and the number you nominate at the time of the sign up should be the number of the phone that you are carrying. This will enable organisers to contact you should this be necessary.
  5. All riders must partake of this event with running front and rear lights. No lights no ride as this is mandatory for your safety since you will be riding on open roads with other vehicular traffic and road users.
  6. Australian authorised helmets are required for your safety. If you are unsure if your helmet has an Australian compliance please check for the sticker within the helmet. Helmets purchased from on-line stores from overseas are automatically not Australian standard and you will also need to check the same from Australian based on-line stores for compliance. All helmets purchased from Australian retailers must by law be Australian standard.
  7. We recommend the use of protective lenses during cycling and also cycling gloves. The obvious reasons for safety from flying debris and also minimising injury in the event of a fall respectively should not be ignored or taken lightly.
  8. Brakes on all bikes used for CAGF will need to be in proper working order and brake pads should show no more than 50% of wear. We strongly suggest that you go back to your preferred Bike Shop to ensure that your bike breaks are in good working order especially since there will be descends to tackle in the course of CAGF 2015.
  9. Good condition Bikes. Organisers of CAGF 2015 reserve the right to inspect all participants bikes at their discretion in the course of CAGF for safety standards. If you are unsure if your bike will meet the basic A B C safety checks that will be conducted by our nationally qualified coaches, please see your preferred bike shop to have your bike properly services and repaired if required.
  10. Spares. All riders doing this event must carry their own spare tubes, portable pump and or CO2 canisters and dispensers within their repair kit. We recommend two inner tubes for this event especially those doing the 100 km distance. There will be roving Bike Repair maintenance people providing assistance to those in need but their attendance cannot be guaranteed depending on the demand and location at the time of the puncture or need.
  11. Hydration. All riders must carry at least two water bottles for this event whether it is the 40 km or 100 km distance. There will be water stops during the ride for you to replenish your hydration needs.


Event Waiver

To decrease your own personal risk and also acknowledgement of the event and the associated sport, every participant of CAGF would have signed a disclaimer notifying them that cycling is regarded as a sport with high risk and that all actions taken by you as the participant are therefore solely yours and with that the responsibility. The waiver which is signed as part of registration is assist as follows:


Disclaimers and Indemnity Form

City of Armadale Grand Fondo Ride Sunday 17th May 2015.

This document pertains to all City of Armadale Grand Fondo 17 May 2015 participants & volunteers including volunteers and participants, officials, organising committee members, coaches, staff OF (a) Perth Integrated Health (b) Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group, (c) City of Armadale. All parties are to note the following:

1.            That you undertake this event and ride at YOUR OWN risk which means that no liability, proportioning of blame or legal responsibility can or should be placed on any other party;

2.            I acknowledge that this event involves the real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including over exertion, dehydration, accidents with other participants, vehicles, other cyclists at the event or not or other road users, general public, course or weather conditions and other causes.

3.            I understand that I should not participate in this event unless I have trained appropriately and my physical condition has been verified by a medical practitioner.

4.            By competing, I accept all risks necessarily flowing from my participation which could result in loss of life or permanent injury. Accordingly, I release all persons, organisations or corporations associated directly or indirectly with the conduct of the event from all claims, demands and proceedings arising out of my participation and I hereby Indemnify them against all liability (including liability for their negligence and the negligence of others) for all injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected, transport arrangements for riders commuting to the course and are not responsible for any incidents, injuries, accidents or death that may occur during commute to and from my participation in this event. This release shall extend to and include direct members of the City of Armadale, Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group, Perth Integrated Health Clinic, and/or any other sponsors and their respective directors, partners, managers, officers, agents, contractors, employees and volunteers including medical and paramedical personnel appointed for the event, the owners, licensees and occupiers of land upon which the event or any part of it is conducted, any statutory body or local authority having control over any land upon which the event or any part of it is conducted or which is involved directly or indirectly with the event in any matter whatsoever and promoters, sponsors and event organisers. This release and indemnity continues forever and binds my heirs, executors, personal representative and assigns.

5.            I acknowledge that this event is NOT a race and therefore not time induced and that I will always be courteous towards fellow riders on the road, fellow riders for this event and also to other traffic on the road. I also acknowledge that I will adhere and follow the specific guidelines of the Event Directors, Coaches and safety marshals and or riders appointed by the Event Director, and be present at the safety briefing prior to commencement of the event.

6.            I agree to participate in this event with the sound knowledge of the road rules of Western Australia and that I will abide by the road rules including the sections pertaining to cyclists on the road.

7.            I agree to partake of this event with a bike that is in a safe, riding condition with functional front and rear brakes, use of front and rear lights even during the daytime for this event, use an Australian standards approved cycling helmet, wear protective lenses, use cycling gloves and wear reflective or bright coloured clothing to increase visibility on the road and minimize risks. This includes the use of the approved CAGF Ride cycling jersey.

8.            The event organisers and their safety marshals and support volunteers also not responsible for any break in, theft or loss of property or vehicles when participants park their vehicles at the start  end point of the event before, during and after this event as well as for all items and property located within the CAGF Cycling Tent city area.

9.            I consent to receiving any medical treatment, including first aid and / or ambulance transportation, which the event organisers think desirable during or after the event.

10.          I consent to event organisers using my name, image and likeness before, during and after the event for event promotional broadcasting or reporting purposes in the media.

11.          I understand that compulsory insurance cover effected for participants in this event may not cover me for all injury, loss or damage sustained by me.

12.          Safety precautions undertaken by organisers (such as course supervision, event safety briefings) are a service to me and other competitors but are not guarantee of safety.

13.          My registration is not transferable to other people. If I am unable to participate, or if the event is cancelled by way of circumstances beyond the control of the event directors, my registration fee is non-refundable.

14.          I have listed below my medical or physical conditions from which I suffer that might affect my performance or be relevant if medical treatment is needed.

15.          I agree to abide by all event rules and directions issued by the event organisers.

16.          Event organisers may change the event format, course or other conditions at their discretion. If that occurs, this agreement applies to the changed conditions.

17.          If the event is cancelled due to flood, cyclone, torrential rains or other acts of God conditions, I understand that entry fee will not be refunded.

18.          I understand that the CAGF Organising Committee may retain my personal details for marketing purposes and may provide this information to sponsors of this event.

19.          I certify that I am 18 years of age or older and have read this document and fully understand it.

20.          In the event that I am under 18 years of age, my parent/guardian has read this document and fully understands it.

21.          Medical Conditions (see question 6) must be mentioned above under Medical Details on this form.

22.          The Event Director, Organising Committee or appointed event volunteers reserves the right to refuse or reject any rider on the basis of safety, well-being, risk management or should they be deemed to be contrary to the ethos and philosophy of the event. These individuals will be advised not to participate in the event and will be notified via email.

I accept the disclaimers and indemnity above for City of Armadale Grand Fondo 2015