Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group (PIHCG) & City of Armadale Grand Fondo 2013 (CAGF 2013) Facebook Competition

Be in the LUCKY DRAW to win a WILLIER la Triestina bike with Campagnolo components valued @ $1995!

Our Motive

We are doing our part to reduce the amount of paper produced and to promote more ecommerce amongst cyclists in the community.

To do so we are mostly producing our E-newsletters and encouraging as many of you to LIKE our Facebook Page.

Our Facebook page is updated at least twice daily and does NOT contain what we ate and which restaurant we visited! It DOES contains a lot of information often not found on Facebook Pages!

Sample the following:

1. Tips from the Bike Ergonomist
2. Clinical advice and information on Cycling related conditions to ensure
prevention of injuries.
3. Information about cycling courses and workshops.
4. Safety on the Road
5. Charity Rides and Events that we sanction and promote
6. Blogs and information from our Bunch Rides
7. Special theme rides and programs with famous and notable cyclists
8. Updated accounts from all aspects of cycling in the world
9. Updates accounts of the major Grand Tours
10. Information on select Pro Race Teams
11. Funny images and stories from the world of cycling
12. Bicycle and bike parts specials from our synergy partners

At the end of the day we LIKE you to LIKE us so we can keep the cycling community informed of our synergies and the work we do in the world of cycling.

Our Other Motive

We are the Event Organisers for the City of Armadale Grand Fondo (CAGF) 2013 which is scheduled for the 19th May 2013!

We would like to have as many as 1000 cyclists for CAGF 2013 on the 19th May and we have created an event that promises to

(a) be different and unique
(b) be bi-partisan so that all cyclists from every club, association, bike shops and chapter can be a part of
(c) unite the cycling community together under one location in what we envisage to be a Cycling Tent City for the day
(d) promote tourism and sightseeing in the Darling Scarp and Armadale Plains region
(e) encourage a variety of level of riders to participate with their friends and riding mates
(f) cater for different start times and hence riding preferences.

How To Enter

Step 1: Simple click on BOTH links attached here:

Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group: PIHC Facebook Page

City of Armadale Grand Fondo 2013: Grand Fondo Facebook Page

These LIKES must remain there for at least the duration of the competition.

Step 2: Refer at least TWO friends on Facebook to also LIKE these two links.

This step is easy also as you simply send them this document.

Step 3: When they have LIKED us they need to confirm with you that they have done this and you need to then send us an email with their two names via:

It’s that simple as we are able to check on our LIKES column that this has been achieved for verification purposes.

Step 4: You go into the lucky draw to potentially win the WILLIER la Trestina with Campagnolo Veloce components as pictured in this competition announcement.

You can find our PIHCG & CAGF 2013 Facebook Competition – Terms & Conditions here