Welcome to the City of Armadale Grand Fondo

Sunday, 18th May 2014


Are you looking for your next cycling challenge?

Cycle within the City of Armadale through new routes never done before in a cycling event!

Many options to choose from:


Grand Fondo 70km – for the developing cyclist wishing to be challenged in their first hill climb event.
Grand Fondo 100km – Century ride for the established cyclist wanting to do very technical hills climbs in excess of 2000m over a distance of 100km.
Grand Fondo 150km – for the established cyclist looking for a new challenge.


Kermesse Road Race 30km – for the recreational cyclist wishing to try out road racing.
Kermesse Road Race 60km – for serious recreational road racing cyclists.
Kermesse Road Race 70km – for the road racers!

Nestled in the foothills of Perth – the City of Armadale is a hidden jewel with some of the most iconic hills rides within easy reach of the Perth population. Many iconic cycling events foray into the region but never has a Grand Fondo been held within the City limits that will take you from the plains to the hills and once again to the plains of Armadale.

The City of Armadale Grand Fondo has been designed with the traditional Italian style Grand Fondo in mind where cyclists and the community mingle together to savour and experience all about road touring cycling as well as the sights and sounds of the local region. There will be two distances to choose from for the Grand Fondo aspect of the event: 70 km, 100km and 150 km, all achievable with the appropriate amount of time and training which the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group can provide.

In addition to the Grand Fondo the organisers of CAGF will also host the Kermesse. A Kermesse is a Cycling road race around a shorter circuit and shorter distance, traditionally circling a town. This form of race also originated from Europe, in fact from Belgium specifically. The race will be on the flat roads just 2.5km out of Armadale central. Featuring straight roads and hot dog turns it will be fast furious action and the win will be there for the brave. Watch for early breakaways as people try to increase the lead on a short course. Excellent opportunity to try out a road race.

Imagine a cycling touring event where your local bike shops are part of the event, including that of social groups and corporate companies. This together with local cycling related charities and bike related retailer will ensure that the Sienna Wood Tent City within the City of Armadale city centre will be a resounding success. In short everything to do with cycling will be in one place at the City of Armadale Grand Fondo.

Some of the many highlights of this event include:

  • Catering for all level of cyclists from recreational to racing
  • Individual and Team entries welcome.
  • Iconic 70 km, 100km and 150 km distances for the Grand Fondo
  • Variable road racing distances of 30 km, 60 km and 70 km for the Kermesse
  • Flexible starting and ending times
  • Based on Italian style gran fondo events
  • Tour & sightsee the darling scarp environs
  • Wineries and eateries to enjoy as well as the local food festival which will be held on the same day
  • Bike shops – social groups invited
  • Cycling retailers & providers welcome
  • Nutrition & hydration suppliers – join us
  • Clubs and Associations – best place to meet & greet
  • GPS enabled maps & participant maps
  • Sienna Wood tent city @ Memorial Park in the City
  • Best cycling community and social gathering for 2014

Secure your place amongst 1000 cyclists for this event by registering. Registration is now closed.

We hope you will ride, sightsee and experience our planned gustatory delights at the Cycling Village and along the route!

You can also download a poster of the event.