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City of Armadale Grand Fondo

FILA Spring Promotion November 2017

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The Perth Integrated Health Group of Companies in concert with FILA Australia is pleased to bring to you their SPRING EDITION collection. Participants, synergy partners, patients and friends of Perth Integrated Health Group of Companies are entitled to 60% OFF the RRP at the FILA Australia Watertown store from the 3rd to the 9th Nov 2017.

To obtain your Discount Coupon which will be emailed to you ONE week before the event please register for FREE here:
FILA Voucher_Spring Promotion Nov 2017


The FIND18K was created by Sports Medicine Director Ian Wee of the Perth Integrated Health Group of Companies in direct response to prolific rise in the level of adult and children obesity and associated cardiovascular and neuromuscular conditions seen in the community.

The FIND18K program does not detract from other initiatives that encourage people to exercise and keep fit.  In fact it compliments ALL sports and ALL forms of physical activity but providing the appropriate guidance and direction in sports medicine by which people in the community can be motivated and encouraged to make a change and be physically active – FOR A REASON.

FIND18K is about finding 18000 steps each day of your life to help with your physical and mental health.  The calculated average of 3000 or 3K steps that office workers take is the direct reason why their health is affected.  Finding 10 000 steps or 10K steps is ALSO the barest minimum and for almost everyone – insufficient to see any significant changes in their fitness and health.

FIND18K is a progressive method to achieve 18 000 steps and more and the inherent benefits associated with this are vast.

Consider the following benefits espoused by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which has stated categorically in 2017 that:

Promoting physical activity Numerous health benefits are associated with regular physical activity and exercise. Scientific literature shows that adults and older adults benefit the most from regular physical activity. Benefits include:

  • lowering their risk of early death;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • stroke
  • high blood pressure;
  • adverse blood lipid profile;
  • type 2 diabetes;
  • metabolic syndrome;
  • risk of colon and breast cancer;
  • weight gain;
  • improving cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness;
  • preventing falls;
  • reducing depression;
  • having better cognitive function

WHO recommends that physical activity for health is the primary prevention of noncommunicable diseases.

If we already know that increased physical activity can direct lead to the decrease in a whole amount of clinical and sports medicine conditions such as diabetes, cardiac conditions, respiratory, joint and muscular problems as well as encourage psychosocial wellness and brain development – why is it NOT being encouraged by all health professionals globally?

While the reasons might be varied – what we do know is that for EVERY additional step that you take – you are making a change for your future and that of your families and the next generation.

Imagine being the reason for the reduction in health care costs in your family and in the community? Imagine if we kept fit and actually helped private health insurance companies REDUCE their premiums due to decrease in claims? Imagine the support that we each have with the Medicare system instead of trying to crave out more from what is already a dwindled and squandered source of public health support over the decades?

The time is now and if you follow the FIND18K program you will be guided each and every week over the years about ways and means that you can make a difference your health and well being and that of people around you.

Sign up for what would be the most economical investment in your health in your lifetime and follow the trend.

The proper embrace of wearable apps, smartwatches and devices will all come to be in a positive way with FIND18K.

Choose between one of these categories to be part of our global health support and SPREAD THE NEWS.

We are looking for like minded sports medicine partners in each capital city and if you think you can carry and espouse what we are building – then apply to Ian Wee, Sports Medicine Director here: explaining why your enterprise would make a great business partner of FIND18K

Category 1: Existing PIH Blue Army / Marines / Squadron Member: FREE

Category 2: Existing Patients of Perth Integrated Health over the past 1 year: from membership commencement: $60 per annum

Category 3: The global community: $120 per annum

Category 4: Up to 4 family members: $160 per annum

Category 5: Membership for a business or corporation. POA via:

Membership Benefits of FIND18K

  1. Weekly updates and tips on sports medicine, research on physical activity and walking / running trends, methods and programs via our e-newsletter for members. Generalised trends for community available via the social media feeds.
  2. Discounted purchases through the Polar – Perth Integrated Health merchandise store
  3. Discounted WEBINAIR workshops on physical activity and sports medicine topics
  4. Partnership programs and discounts
  5. Reduced entry to our Walk / Run events and programs held in Perth, WA
  6. Business opportunities to create FIND18K chapters in different cities and communities around the globe
  7. Merchandise and product discounts through our synergy partners
  8. Discounts on Wellness Holidays that founders of FIND18K will plan within a year of inception
  9. Inherent health and wellness benefits for you and the whole family
  10. Clear guidance and supervision from the Sports Medicine team at Perth Integrated Health

To register please sign up here:

2017 Tour of York: Ride for RSPCA Western Australia Heart Health

The 2017 Tour of York has changed significantly to be a TWO Day event where riders can choose between BOTH or ONE of TWO events this year and this is the FIFTH year that this Tour is in operations.
This is in-line with our desire to further promote tourism and local infrastructure in the regions through accommodation, meals and retail through the local stores. It is also our Perth Integrated Health focus on Heart Health and registered participants will receive relevant information about Heart Health as well as discounts and specials provided by Perth Integrated Health’s Sports Medicine Team and Polar Agency.
For the first time – the Tour of York will also be a timed event but only for the Aussie Century Ride (100 km ) as the Aussie Half Century Ride (50 km) will include a social stopover at the iconic Tavern at Greenhills where the publican awaits us!

Finishers medals will also be given out for each of the three Ride distances (100km, 50km and the combined 100km+50km).
Get a group of your friends together and spend the weekend at York and savour what the local region has to offer – and don’t forget to attempt the assent up Mt Brown which will be site of the York Festival Mt Brown Run – Cycle event in Sept 2017!

Ride Distance Options & Fees:

Ride Distance Route Blue Army Member Fee Non Member Fee (Late Registration)
Aussie Century 100 km York-Clackline-York Saturday 15th July 2017 $65.00 $75.00
Aussie Half Century 50 km York-Greenfields-York Sunday 16th July 2017 $55.00 $65.00
Both Events Saturday and Sunday $110.00 $130.00


Note that your own transport to York is required on both the dates. We also recommend staying overnight in York and sampling what the local area has to offer.

Day 1 Aussie Century Ride (100 km) – Saturday 15th July 2017
Registration: 745 am to 830 am
Commencement Time: Between 830 am and 930 am
Day 2 Aussie Half Century Ride (50 km) – Sunday 16th July 2017
Registration: 900 am to 930 am
Commencement Time: Between 930 am and 1000 am.

Charity Donations

This year we are raising funds for the RSPCA Western Australia. Each day, the RSPCA receives 40 to 50 calls on their 24 hour hotline reporting animal cruelty, neglect or abuse. You may not have to face the horrors their Inspectors do, or make the tough decisions they must, but you can help keep RSPCA Inspectors on the road by making a donation to this worthy cause as our animals need a voice – and it will come with your support

Register Here:


Event Village

The 2017 CAGF will be held at a NEW location away from the previous years BUT still within the City of Armadale.

We have chosen Dome Kelmscott as our Event Headquarters and the address is: 2810 Albany Highway Kelmscott

The Event Village time schedule is as follows:

1. The Event Village opens: 530 am.

2. Dome Kelmscott opens for breakfast: 530 am.

3. Parking: ample parking at Stargate Shopping Centre in Kelmscott

4. Event Commences:

  • Gran or CAGF 120 – 600 am to 615 am.
  • Medio or CAGF 90 – 630 am to 645 am.
  • Piccolo or CAGF 50 – 700 am to 715 am.
  • You MUST self-nominate a departure time specific to your nominated distance above as the safety timing chips will be activated as such. For example if you are doing the Medio you can choose to leave anytime between 645 am and 659 am but not before or after this time. Please organise your friends so that those riding together can leave at the same time.

5. Sweep & Sag Wagon removal from course: 100 pm.

6. Event Village closes: 130 pm.



CAGF 2017 will be held on the 13th May 2017 – on a Saturday for the first time in 6 years so that the Mother’s Day which is sacred to all of us will not be interrupted!

For CAGF 2017 there are the following distances offered:

Byfields – Piccolo Fondo – 50 km Distance
Polar – Medio Fondo – 80 km Distance
Blackchrome – Gran Fondo – 120 km Distance

The Blackchrome Gran Fondo is of course our signature Ride Category which takes us through the Armadale Hills including the now iconic Heritage Drive up to Araleun Country Club which we discovered some 3 years ago and now a favourite with my established cyclists. Named after our sponsor Blackchrome Sportwear who are providing 50 lucky cyclists with the new CAGF 2017 cycling jersey each valued at $60!

The Polar Medio Fondo is the middle distance event and at 80 km is a good one for many of the developing riders who are becoming established. No doubt there will be some climbing to do but at a far less intensity than the Blackchrome Gran Fondo. This distance is named after our synergy partner Polar Perth which is owned by one of the Perth Integrated Health companies and is like Blackchrome a sponsor of Polar devices for this event as well as provider of discounted Polar devices for CAGF 2017 participants.

The Byfields Piccolo Fondo returns with naming rights sponsor Byfields who are assisting us once again for the third year running. The Piccolo Fondo being 50 km is the ride for the developing rider and those completing basic cycling training programs and developing event abilities – this is the ride for you. Also a great team ride where established riders can assist developing ones achieve their first event marker through the plains of Armadale.

For 2017 we are privileged to have Blackchrome Sportswear supply us with CAGF 2017 jerseys which will be provided to 50 Lucky cyclists who sign up between now and the 7th April 2017. Your names will go into the draw and the lucky 50 cyclists who register during this period will be contacted so that your actual size can be provided to you by CAGF 2017. For all others the jersey can be ORDERED for a discounted price of $60 and must also be done by the 7th April to ensure arrival by the 13th May 2017

Registration Link:

CAGF 2017 Jersey


Bridges Night Ride for MSWA

The Bridges Night Ride will take you on a magical night ride around the upper and lower reaches of the Swan River on the Friday 7th April from 6.30pm.

You’ll ride along certain seldom travelled pathways and discover views of Perth along the way, many of which will even surprise most Perth residents and for many new ways to explore and commute!

The best part – you get to be in BED by midnight on the same night!!

Light up the night for MSWA:

Bike lights are a must for this ride, but we want you to go one step further. Dress up in your brightest reflective gear and decorate your bikes with lights, reflective strips and glow sticks. There will be prizes for the best team as well as individual who lights up the best for this Tour event!

The two course options:

40 km: Takes the developing rider through from Applecross through to the Freeway Bike Pathway towards the Western suburbs where, close to the Swan River. Riding through nature reserves and marshland on established pathways you’ll find hidden gems along the river, and view the rivers eco-system in the fading light of day.

70 km: Takes the established cyclist looking for more of a challenge, through the upper reaches of the Swan River down to Fremantle and back to Applecross. The course includes a combination of established routes together with hidden gems, including views of the river seldom seen, and often less appreciated. Rediscover your adventure for riding through the 70 km route.


PIHCG Blue Army member (adults) -$30 for 40 or 70km ride
Non PIHCG Blue Army adults – $60 for 40 or 70km ride
Junior riders  (11 to 17 yrs) – $40 Must be accompanied by an adult and only 40 km option available

Who should attend:

This event is mostly suited for teens and adults of all cycling abilities.

How to get there:

Please visit Transperth as your guide to public transport timetables, fares and accessible transport.

Start Location is at 48 Kishorn Road in APPLECROSS at the Perth Integrated Health – Southern Clinic

Start Date: Friday 07 Apr 2017:  18:30 PM

End Date: Friday 07 Apr 2017     22:00 PM
For further information please email Participants will receive the Event Information as well as the E-Maps and GPS maps for their nominated ride 6 weeks onwards before the event date.

Register here:


Sports Medicine Practitioners

Perth Integrated Health is looking for discerning sports medicine practises in country Western Australia and also other states in Australia who wish to apply for the Sports Medicine license to operate the Biometric Sports Medicine platform within their catchment area. If you are tertiary trained and have an established sports medicine practice please send an expression of interest to Ian Wee, Sports Medicine Director at:

Other Industries

We are looking for partners already in the following areas:

1. Cardiology Medicine

2. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

3. Retirement Villages

4. Australian Rules Football

5. Soccer

6. Rugby

7. Hockey

If you think innovative and can suggest areas in the community that this technology will work with what you can provide and support – you are also welcome to send an EOI to Ian Wee via:

Biometric Vest Launch Biometric Vest Technology


Visit Dimension Data at the GFWC Perth

The Dimension Data and Perth Integrated Health Sports Medicine Team will be at the GFWC Perth in Elizabeth Quay.

  • Friday 2nd Sept 2016 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday 3rd Sept 2016 12noon to 5pm

Come and visit us to learn more about our latest technology of Sports Analytics and Sports Medicine applications or view our latest newsletter below.

View newsletter


Welcome to the City of Armadale Grand Fondo

Sunday, 15th May 2016

In its 5th year – CAGF is now regarded as one of the most iconic cycling events here in Western Australia.

Cycle within the City of Armadale through new routes never done before in a cycling event with challenges to suit the discerning rider.

Grand Fondo 40km – for the developing cyclist wishing to be challenged in their first hill climb event.
Grand Fondo 80km – for the established cyclist wanting to do very technical hills climbs in excess of 2000m over a distance of 80km.
Grand Fondo 110 km – now regarded as the MOST technical hill climbing cycling event in Perth!

Nestled in the foothills of Perth – the City of Armadale is a hidden jewel with some of the most iconic hills rides within easy reach of the Perth population. Many iconic cycling events foray into the region but never has a Grand Fondo been held within the City limits that will take you from the plains to the hills and once again to the plains of Armadale.

The City of Armadale Grand Fondo has been designed with the traditional Italian style Grand Fondo in mind where cyclists and the community mingle together to savour and experience all about road touring cycling as well as the sights and sounds of the local region. There will be three distances to choose from for the Grand Fondo aspect of the event: 40km, 80km and 110 km, all achievable with the appropriate amount of time and training which the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group can provide.

Imagine a cycling touring event where your local bike shops are part of the event, including that of social groups and corporate companies. This together with local cycling related charities and bike related retailer will ensure that the Tent City within the City of Armadale city centre will be a resounding success. In short everything to do with cycling will be in one place at the City of Armadale Grand Fondo.

Some of the many highlights of this event include:

  • Catering for all level of cyclists from recreational to racing and cycling touring
  • Individual and Team entries welcome
  • Iconic 40km, 80km and 110km distances for the Grand Fondo
  • Flexible starting and ending times
  • Based on Italian style gran fondo events
  • Tour & sightsee the darling scarp environs
  • Bike shops – social groups invited
  • Cycling retailers & providers welcome
  • Nutrition & hydration suppliers – join us
  • Clubs and Associations – best place to meet & greet
  • GPS enabled maps & participant maps

Registration for this event is now closed

We hope you will ride, sight see and experience the delights at the Cycling Village and along the route!


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