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City of Armadale Grand Fondo




The Sports Medicine Team at Perth Integrated Health in conjunction with Oakton – a Dimension Data company bring to you a global FIRST with the Biometric Vest with multiple applications that would suit the discerning athlete.

Till date all sports analytics that athletes derive their data and performance readouts come from post-event and passive analysis and the need for synchronisation which includes uploads and downloads. This is now a thing of the past with the Biometric Vest from Perth Integrated Health.

Working with technology from established leaders in the sports world like Garmin and Polar – the sports analytics program of the Biometric Vest functions seamlessly to provide to you and your nominated sports medicine practitioner real time and real world information about your performance and also your clinical condition on the go.


Multi Sports – Not Just Cyclists / Triathletes or Runners

This launch while specifically targeting Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes also have extensive implications for other athletes keen to keep abreast with the latest technology whether you are on the sporting field or in a court competing and playing in a racquet sport. The sports analytics and medicine application to world games like Soccer & Rugby and also local iconic sports like Australian Rules Football will soon be functional users of this technology where the functional performance of the athlete can be monitored and measured not only by the sports medicine team but also by their coaching cohort and players themselves.

Imagine having your real time ECG, Heart or Pulse rate together with your functional posture analysed and measured while you are dynamically on the go while also interfacing your distance, speed, location and all the other established analytics all into one dashboard which you can access via your tablet or computer. The Biometric Vest will also have its own Smartphone App by which you can also monitor and analyse your performance on the go.

For Australian athletes and sports people the opportunity to have a 6 month or 12 month monitored program by our Sports Medicine team is also available. This is a subscription based service with two levels of monitoring for your health and fitness by qualified tertiary health professionals from Perth Integrated Health.

The Biometric Vest comes in two varieties the Inner Vest for men and the Sports Bar for women. Both are coupled with the Hitoe transmitter which communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone whether it is Apple or Android and it in turn communicates either via data transfer or Wi-Fi on your own choosing to the Cloud which then brings it to your personalised dashboard. The Sports Medicine practitioner assigned will have access to this same data in real time which he or she can use for your rehabilitation, fitness and training purposes and in turn work in concert with discerning coaches for your performance and targets.


Purchasing the Biometric Vest and Transmitter

With the pilot phase complete the PIH Biometric Vest and Transmitter retails for an affordable $380. Additional transmitters and vests will be available in time through our on-line store. Note that the transmitter has an operational time of 40 hours which is very adequate for the different sports and tasks that we undertake out in the community.

To purchase a Biometric Vest or Sports Bra + Transmitter please click here:

Subscription for Sports Medicine Analytics

To be eligible for the Sports Medicine Analytics program you need to purchase at least one Biometric Vest + Transmitter per person. We are offering two levels of Sports Medicine monitoring both of which provide clinical support over the chosen duration of 6 months or 12 months.

This service is by prescription and Australian residents will be able to obtain a rebate off their private health cover for this service via monthly invoices which will be emailed to your nominated email account.

To apply for the Sports Medicine analytics program please send your EOI upon purchase of your Biometric Vest + Transmitter to: and you will be directed to a subscription page which outlines the two available programs.


Sports Medicine Practitioners

Perth Integrated Health is looking for discerning sports medicine practises in country Western Australia and also other states in Australia who wish to apply for the Sports Medicine license to operate the Biometric Sports Medicine platform within their catchment area. If you are tertiary trained and have an established sports medicine practice please send an expression of interest to Ian Wee, Sports Medicine Director at:

Other Industries

We are looking for partners already in the following areas:

1. Cardiology Medicine
2. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care
3. Retirement Villages
4. Australian Rules Football
5. Soccer
6. Rugby
7. Hockey

If you think innovative and can suggest areas in the community that this technology will work with what you can provide and support – you are also welcome to send an EOI to Ian Wee via:

Biometric Vest Launch Biometric Vest Technology


Visit Dimension Data at the GFWC Perth

The Dimension Data and Perth Integrated Health Sports Medicine Team will be at the GFWC Perth in Elizabeth Quay.

  • Friday 2nd Sept 2016 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday 3rd Sept 2016 12noon to 5pm

Come and visit us to learn more about our latest technology of Sports Analytics and Sports Medicine applications or view our latest newsletter below.

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Welcome to the City of Armadale Grand Fondo

Sunday, 15th May 2016

In its 5th year – CAGF is now regarded as one of the most iconic cycling events here in Western Australia.

Cycle within the City of Armadale through new routes never done before in a cycling event with challenges to suit the discerning rider.

Grand Fondo 40km – for the developing cyclist wishing to be challenged in their first hill climb event.
Grand Fondo 80km – for the established cyclist wanting to do very technical hills climbs in excess of 2000m over a distance of 80km.
Grand Fondo 110 km – now regarded as the MOST technical hill climbing cycling event in Perth!

Nestled in the foothills of Perth – the City of Armadale is a hidden jewel with some of the most iconic hills rides within easy reach of the Perth population. Many iconic cycling events foray into the region but never has a Grand Fondo been held within the City limits that will take you from the plains to the hills and once again to the plains of Armadale.

The City of Armadale Grand Fondo has been designed with the traditional Italian style Grand Fondo in mind where cyclists and the community mingle together to savour and experience all about road touring cycling as well as the sights and sounds of the local region. There will be three distances to choose from for the Grand Fondo aspect of the event: 40km, 80km and 110 km, all achievable with the appropriate amount of time and training which the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group can provide.

Imagine a cycling touring event where your local bike shops are part of the event, including that of social groups and corporate companies. This together with local cycling related charities and bike related retailer will ensure that the Tent City within the City of Armadale city centre will be a resounding success. In short everything to do with cycling will be in one place at the City of Armadale Grand Fondo.

Some of the many highlights of this event include:

  • Catering for all level of cyclists from recreational to racing and cycling touring
  • Individual and Team entries welcome
  • Iconic 40km, 80km and 110km distances for the Grand Fondo
  • Flexible starting and ending times
  • Based on Italian style gran fondo events
  • Tour & sightsee the darling scarp environs
  • Bike shops – social groups invited
  • Cycling retailers & providers welcome
  • Nutrition & hydration suppliers – join us
  • Clubs and Associations – best place to meet & greet
  • GPS enabled maps & participant maps

Registration for this event is now closed

We hope you will ride, sight see and experience the delights at the Cycling Village and along the route!


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