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City of Armadale Grand Fondo

Sunday 20th May 2018

For 2018 the City of Armadale Grand Fondo returns with its Seventh year and once again the original and first Grand Fondo here in Western Australia.

This event has grown from strength to strength with many cyclists making it one of their Ride targets for the year.

For 2018 we return to do the THREE preferred distances which many enjoyed immensely in 2017 namely:

Piccolo Fondo – 50 km – Our community ride through the plains of Armadale.

Medio Fondo – 90 km – As the name implies our Middle Distance ride which will have undulations and hill challenges.

Gran Fondo – 120 km – Our signature event with a longer distance for 2016 which made the name Heritage Drive synonymous with Hill Climbing for cyclists. There is also a Sprint and KOM / QOM section combined in this distance located somewhere in the Wungong region.

Late Registrations commence 12pm Saturday 19th May

Date: Sunday, 20th May 2018

Start / Finish location: Dome Kelmscott – Albany Highway, Kelmscott

Start Time:

6am – 6.10 am Gran Fondo 120km
6.15am – 6.25 am Medio Fondo 90km
6.30am-6.40 am Piccolo Fondo 50km


Early-bird fees available till 31stJan 2018, Late fees commence from 12pm Saturday 19th May

Blue Army members are advised to apply during the Early Bird period for our signature event

Ride Early Bird Normal Fees  Late 


50km $50.00 $65.00  $85.00
90km $65.00 $85.00  $105.00
120km $75.00 $95.00  $115.00

Terms and Conditions of Registration

  1. All registrations submitted and accepted requires payment in full.
  2. There are no refunds or part payments permitted.
  3. There are no transfer of registrations from one rider to another. This will invalidate the insurance coverage of the rider for this event and they will be liable for any injuries, accidents or death that may occur during this event.
  4. This Event refers to the time of official commencement by the Event Director and the time of official closure.  Start and end times of this event will be posted to Participants and they will receive support only during these official Event times.
  5. Participants will receive emailed information about the City of Armadale Grand Fondo closer to the date of the event.
  6. Early bird participants will also receive additional bonuses of Lucky Draw prizes which we will host.
  7. All maps and GPX / TCX files pertaining to this event will also be emailed to participants closer to the date of the event.

Please see the official CAGF 2018 Jersey. Note that jerseys will only be available to pick up when your timing chip is ready for collection. You will be notified by email.

Please also ensure that you measure and choose the right size as there will be NO refunds or exchanges permitted once the order has been placed in.

Registration Link



The FIND18K was created by Sports Medicine Director Ian Wee of the Perth Integrated Health Group of Companies in direct response to prolific rise in the level of adult and children obesity and associated cardiovascular and neuromuscular conditions seen in the community.

The FIND18K program does not detract from other initiatives that encourage people to exercise and keep fit.  In fact it compliments ALL sports and ALL forms of physical activity but providing the appropriate guidance and direction in sports medicine by which people in the community can be motivated and encouraged to make a change and be physically active – FOR A REASON.

FIND18K is about finding 18000 steps each day of your life to help with your physical and mental health.  The calculated average of 3000 or 3K steps that office workers take is the direct reason why their health is affected.  Finding 10 000 steps or 10K steps is ALSO the barest minimum and for almost everyone – insufficient to see any significant changes in their fitness and health.

FIND18K is a progressive method to achieve 18 000 steps and more and the inherent benefits associated with this are vast.

Consider the following benefits espoused by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which has stated categorically in 2017 that:

Promoting physical activity Numerous health benefits are associated with regular physical activity and exercise. Scientific literature shows that adults and older adults benefit the most from regular physical activity. Benefits include:

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WHO recommends that physical activity for health is the primary prevention of noncommunicable diseases.

If we already know that increased physical activity can direct lead to the decrease in a whole amount of clinical and sports medicine conditions such as diabetes, cardiac conditions, respiratory, joint and muscular problems as well as encourage psychosocial wellness and brain development – why is it NOT being encouraged by all health professionals globally?

While the reasons might be varied – what we do know is that for EVERY additional step that you take – you are making a change for your future and that of your families and the next generation.

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Choose between one of these categories to be part of our global health support and SPREAD THE NEWS.

We are looking for like minded sports medicine partners in each capital city and if you think you can carry and espouse what we are building – then apply to Ian Wee, Sports Medicine Director here: explaining why your enterprise would make a great business partner of FIND18K

Category 1: Existing PIH Blue Army / Marines / Squadron Member: FREE

Category 2: Existing Patients of Perth Integrated Health over the past 1 year: from membership commencement: $60 per annum

Category 3: The global community: $120 per annum

Category 4: Up to 4 family members: $160 per annum

Category 5: Membership for a business or corporation. POA via:

Membership Benefits of FIND18K

  1. Weekly updates and tips on sports medicine, research on physical activity and walking / running trends, methods and programs via our e-newsletter for members. Generalised trends for community available via the social media feeds.
  2. Discounted purchases through the Polar – Perth Integrated Health merchandise store
  3. Discounted WEBINAIR workshops on physical activity and sports medicine topics
  4. Partnership programs and discounts
  5. Reduced entry to our Walk / Run events and programs held in Perth, WA
  6. Business opportunities to create FIND18K chapters in different cities and communities around the globe
  7. Merchandise and product discounts through our synergy partners
  8. Discounts on Wellness Holidays that founders of FIND18K will plan within a year of inception
  9. Inherent health and wellness benefits for you and the whole family
  10. Clear guidance and supervision from the Sports Medicine team at Perth Integrated Health

To register please sign up here:


Sports Medicine Practitioners

Perth Integrated Health is looking for discerning sports medicine practises in country Western Australia and also other states in Australia who wish to apply for the Sports Medicine license to operate the Biometric Sports Medicine platform within their catchment area. If you are tertiary trained and have an established sports medicine practice please send an expression of interest to Ian Wee, Sports Medicine Director at:

Other Industries

We are looking for partners already in the following areas:

1. Cardiology Medicine

2. Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

3. Retirement Villages

4. Australian Rules Football

5. Soccer

6. Rugby

7. Hockey

If you think innovative and can suggest areas in the community that this technology will work with what you can provide and support – you are also welcome to send an EOI to Ian Wee via:

Biometric Vest Launch Biometric Vest Technology


Visit Dimension Data at the GFWC Perth

The Dimension Data and Perth Integrated Health Sports Medicine Team will be at the GFWC Perth in Elizabeth Quay.

  • Friday 2nd Sept 2016 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday 3rd Sept 2016 12noon to 5pm

Come and visit us to learn more about our latest technology of Sports Analytics and Sports Medicine applications or view our latest newsletter below.

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