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City of Armadale Grand Fondo



CAGF continues to grow with each year and now with the World UWCT series being officially called a Grand Fondo – we can boast once again being the first ever Grand Fondo here in Western Australia.

For 2016 we have not remained static and have in store THREE distances:

Piccolo Fondo – 40 km – Our community ride through the plains of Armadale.

Medio Fondo – 80 km – As the name implies our Middle Distance ride which will have undulations and hill challenges.

Gran Fondo – 100 km – Our signature event with a longer distance for 2016 which made the name Heritage Drive synonymous with Hill Climbing for cyclists. For 2016 there will once again be a KOM / QOM and a Sprint sections with new climbing challenges thus making the Grand distance a truly technical hill experience for established cyclists.

For 2016 we also have something VERY special for the established Medio 80 km and Gran 100 km riders. If you achieved your respective distances by a certain cut off time you will have the option for the following at no additional cost to your registration fees – our way of making sure you get your value for money for our events!

Departure Times have been revised to 615 am to accommodate these new formats

Medio 80 km – Arrival at Event Village by 945 am – you can opt to do the Piccolo 40 km to extend your ride to 120 km.

Gran 100 km – Arrival at Event Village by 1015 am – you can opt to do the Medio 80 km to extend your ride to 180 km!

Gran 100 km – Arrival at Event Village by 1100 am – you can opt to do the Piccolo 40 km to extend your ride to 140 km.

Note that ALL riders irrespective of distance must be back at the Event Village at Jull St Mall no later than 2pm otherwise they will be a DNF.

This amazing new format means that for 3 nominated distances we now have the opportunity for a whole range of riders to do: 40 km, 80 km, 100 km, 120 km, 140 km or 180 km. How good is that!

Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page: City of Armadale Grand Fondo for the latest updates and also check out this website for further event developments each week.

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2016 Tour of York Flyer Final

Heart Foundation Tour of York 2016 – Ride for Heart Health

Date: Sunday 31st July 2016

Distances: 80 km and 160 km

Join us for this cycling touring event which has a universal purpose of promoting heart health amongst the community. Did you know that there is an increasing number of cyclists who fail to understand the importance of physiological training and there is a percentage who succumb to heart based conditions due to the lack of understanding and training. By signing up for the Heart Foundation Tour of York we aim to provide participants with the information and opportunity train strategically for events where long distance fitness is required.

Join us in our now established event and please share this information to all those around you.

There are two ways to assist the Heart Foundation – register in the portal below and make a donation in addition to the registration fees:

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The Tour of Toodyay is on the 25th June 2016. Originally designed as a team / support car challenge we have modified the format since 2015 to include individuals, duos and teams of up to 20 riders. Teams have the option to also have their own support vehicle for this event with specific designated spot which we have designed with vehicular and rider safety in mind.

The Kalparrin Tour of Toodyay route is the same as in 2015 and the distance of 170 km will pose a new challenge for developing and progressive riders. With a cumulative climb of around 1300 metres, this event caters for the established rider who will be challenged for their whole distance themselves and for others wanting to do distance segments – the provision of a support vehicle will also permit you to ride with others.

This event will start and end at Bullsbrook and we will take in the beautiful rolling valleys and plains of Chittering heading towards Toodyay for the meal break before heading out and returning via Bindoon.

For further details don’t forget to follow the developments of the 2015 Tour of Toodyay via two Facebook pages namely: Tour of Toodyay and the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group.

Registered participants will be sent detailed information about the event including directional cue sheets, GPX TCX files as well as a downloadable map as well as instructions for team car support and rider etiquette some 2 weeks before the event.


$90.00 to currently registered PIHCG Blue Army riders

$95.00 to non PIHCG Blue Army riders

Further details of this event should be directed to Ian Wee – Event Director via: or call 92405266 / 93648626

Register Here:

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Taggisar ICE stickers

Latest Safety Innovation for Cyclists and Sports People

Taggisar ICE stickers from Sweden is the latest safety innovation designed to provide rapid information in the time of physical or medical emergencies.

Through the use of an internationally recognised QR Code which is unique to the registrant – the Taggisar ICE sticker provides all of the vital information required for your safety in an emergency such as Name and Contact details / Next of Kin contact / Medications / Allergies / Medical Conditions and Warnings etc.

Ideal not only for Cyclists but for everyone whether at school, with a club or a sporting association. The applications are endless.

Get your very own Taggisar ICE stickers for a nominal price of $9.95 which includes DUAL stickers for a limited time. We are also including free postage for purchases made in Australia.

Purchase as many as you wish through this on-line store:

Spread the word as this is the 2016 innovation in safety by the Perth Integrated Health group of companies. Further details on Taggisar is also on the registration link.

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Welcome to the City of Armadale Grand Fondo

Sunday, 15th May 2016

In its 5th year – CAGF is now regarded as one of the most iconic cycling events here in Western Australia.

Cycle within the City of Armadale through new routes never done before in a cycling event with challenges to suit the discerning rider.

Grand Fondo 40km – for the developing cyclist wishing to be challenged in their first hill climb event.
Grand Fondo 80km – for the established cyclist wanting to do very technical hills climbs in excess of 2000m over a distance of 80km.
Grand Fondo 110 km – now regarded as the MOST technical hill climbing cycling event in Perth!

Nestled in the foothills of Perth – the City of Armadale is a hidden jewel with some of the most iconic hills rides within easy reach of the Perth population. Many iconic cycling events foray into the region but never has a Grand Fondo been held within the City limits that will take you from the plains to the hills and once again to the plains of Armadale.

The City of Armadale Grand Fondo has been designed with the traditional Italian style Grand Fondo in mind where cyclists and the community mingle together to savour and experience all about road touring cycling as well as the sights and sounds of the local region. There will be three distances to choose from for the Grand Fondo aspect of the event: 40km, 80km and 110 km, all achievable with the appropriate amount of time and training which the Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group can provide.

Imagine a cycling touring event where your local bike shops are part of the event, including that of social groups and corporate companies. This together with local cycling related charities and bike related retailer will ensure that the Tent City within the City of Armadale city centre will be a resounding success. In short everything to do with cycling will be in one place at the City of Armadale Grand Fondo.

Some of the many highlights of this event include:

  • Catering for all level of cyclists from recreational to racing and cycling touring
  • Individual and Team entries welcome
  • Iconic 40km, 80km and 110km distances for the Grand Fondo
  • Flexible starting and ending times
  • Based on Italian style gran fondo events
  • Tour & sightsee the darling scarp environs
  • Bike shops – social groups invited
  • Cycling retailers & providers welcome
  • Nutrition & hydration suppliers – join us
  • Clubs and Associations – best place to meet & greet
  • GPS enabled maps & participant maps

Registration for this event will be open on the 25th Nov 2015

We hope you will ride, sight see and experience the delights at the Cycling Village and along the route!


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