Preparing for Your First Cycling Race

So you have your first cycling race coming up and now the anxiety is killing you? You aren’t alone, this is quite normal for anyone taking part in a cycling race for the first time.

One thing you should have at the back of your mind, however, is that the race won’t be as easy as when you are practising.

However, as long as your mind is prepared and you gave your best during training, you will have a wonderful time out there putting your pedalling skills to work.

Below are a few tips to help you get ready for your first race.

Familiarise Yourself With Group Riding

The last thing you want to subject yourself to is riding with a group of riders for the first time while taking part in a racing tournament. It is important that you accustom yourself with group riding before the day of the race to avoid getting in trouble with other riders. Group racing has its own etiquettes, you want to be familiar with them before the d-day.

Get to Know the Course

You might be confident with your cycling skills but still not get the results you expected during the race simply because you failed to familiarise yourself with the course. Since organisers offer a route map for the race, you can use it to check out the course before the day of the race.

 Ensure Your Bike is Serviced

You don’t want to realise your brakes are not functioning well a few minutes beforethe race. Get everything checked a day before and don’t leave anything to chance. A simple cut on your tyre might end ruining your chances of finishing the race.

You might not be the winner during your first race but the fun is worth it!